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Who we are, what we do

Founded in 2013, Beijing VIISAN Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research, development and promotion of smart imaging and document digitization solutions. VIISAN provides different integrated solutions for all kinds of business. Such as, invoice/receipt digitizing, searching and printing, document inquiry and management, high-definition document & image shooting and archiving, and more. We offer professional cloud services of SDK interfaces from which the recording, storing, and synchronizing to the cloud management platform greatly improves the office efficiency.


In addition to creating simple solutions for office work, we provide versatile, multi-functional, intelligent electronic hardware as well. We produce and operate a wide range of product lines including document cameras, visual presenters, A3 flatbed scanners, and video conferencing devices. We have the capability of developing and producing superior hardware within the industry. With stable and intelligent bundled software, we provide different solutions based on the needs of users. The custom features of one-click shooting, one-click printing, and storing to cloud, greatly facilitate daily document scanning and management for a company or even an individual.


VIISAN has established joint development laboratories with a number of colleges and scientific research institutions. We concentrate on the long-term engineering of intelligent imaging software and hardware, and have setup a complete production foundry system in Shenzhen, China. VIISAN has a globally connected after-sales system and established offices and R&D centers in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Changsha, Xi'an, Shenyang, Hunan, and Taiwan to provide customers with lifelong technology. We will continue to expand in the field of smart imaging and work together with customers to explore new applications and markets in order to contribute more value for our customers.


VIISAN’s mission statement is “Smart Imaging changes your life”. We construct value-added products for our valuable customers, bringing convenience to their lives. We take the concerns of our customers as our own. Quality as a basis, honesty and trust as principles, respect, persistence, and innovation as our philosophies. We will continue to build our customer-oriented vision in "Smart Imaging changes your life”, and keep our promise to always strive for this.

Company Milestones

•  K36 dual-lens scanner product won 2021 IF Design Award. 
•  Launched a lightweight and portable type P4U 4K USB Visualizer for remote learning. 
•  Launched 1st generation P4W 4K Wi-Fi Visualizer for the education market. 
•  Launched VisualCam visualizer software. 
•  Launched M2 Plus 4K video camera with support Auto-Framing feature. 
•  Launched S21 large A2-size document camera. 


•  Established Shenzhen branch office and set up sales and R&D teams.
•  Launched new gen. ViiTALK video conferencing system with support 100 parties and compatible with multi-platform. 
•  Launched a series of embeddable camera & microphone array modules for the LCD market. 
•  K36 dual-lens book scanner won the 2020 Golden Pin Design Award.


•  Announced ViiTALK all-in-one conference system.
•  Announced a series of video conference accessories, including 2.4G wireless microphone, USB microphone, and wireless screen cast.
•  Announced high definition 18-megapixel document and book scanners.


We expanded production base, increased productivity, enhanced engineering ability and intensity, enriched product lines and continued developing creative imaging products, such as ViiTALK video conferencing devices, A3 large format flatbed scanners, A2-sized book scanner, and dual-lens camera for face liveness detection.


We established R&D centers in Taiwan and Hunan, meanwhile setting up factories in Shenzhen to enhance promotion, develop e-business channels, and expand overseas markets. Products have been widely recognized in various industries domestically and globally.


• Founded Shanghai, Shenyang, Chengdu, and Xi'an sales offices.
• Started the development of ViiTALK cloud-based video conference system.


We strengthened our brand by establishing offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Changsha, Xi'an and Shenyang meanwhile rapidly expanding our distribution and retail markets.


Expanded its market to the fields of finance, insurance, education, government, and telecommunications.


Set up teams, and enhance research and development abilities.

about viisan
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