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New K-Series Smart Book Scanner
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Unlike other traditional scanners, VIISAN K-Series smart book scanner provides revolution scanning experience by bringing simple, fast, compact, and powerful performance. With its unique dual-lens design and laser positioning features, it can be easier pointing users correctly to place the original and scan any books, magazines, and other paper documents within A3 size at the speed of 1.5s per page without cutting or unbinding. Quick installation and easy to use software user interface make scanning easy and enjoyable for everyone.

The innovative "Curve-Flattening Technology” allows quickly flattening the curve page while purifying the background, removing finger images, and split page from the final scan. With the unique dual-lens full-color scanning capability, it offers superior quality scans and delivers high-fidelity images as clear and crisp as the original print.

Besides, the K-Series combines sleek design and exceptional performance. It has a simple, contoured slender shape with foldable design make it easy to store and saves the workspace. The basic geometric shape is symmetrical which makes each side of the housing balanced and proportional to certain aspects of its functionality. High-quality surface finishes in extruded aluminum and simple control designed for its simplicity yet aesthetic, which have changed the cold stiff impression over the technology products.

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