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VIISAN launched a series of smart camera scanners
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VIISAN introduces V-Series Smart Camera Scanners

Beijing Viisan Technology Co., Ltd., a leading provider in smart imaging and document digitization solutions today announced a series of smart camera scanners including V8, V13, V16, VK16, and VK18 which achieve accurate and reliable scanning performance for home, school and workplace.

Scan Anything

The V series is a versatile and highly accurate smart camera scanner, it’s a great ideal tool for using in desktop or laptop PCs via the USB connection. With its build-in high-resolution CMOS sensor, it can easy to take snapshots, scan magazines, books, documents, business cards, drawing, 3D objects, recognize barcodes, and present them on a computer.

Intelligent Book Scanning

Along with these great features, you can use the bundled OfficeCam scanning software with this smart device to get great results while scanning books. For example, it can automatically digitally flatten curved pages, erases fingers from the scanned photos, repairs the damaged edges of documents, purify background, rotates pages based on text orientation, and automatically splits both-side page into separate image file.

Powerful Image Recognition

With the embedded Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature the OfficeCam software allows to convert a batch scanned images into a searchable PDF or editable Word, Excel and Text format files.

Classroom Teaching Equipment

With the innovative visualizer function, you can easier to create a video tutorial or project your computer screen with this device by connecting a projector during the meeting. Besides, the V-Series camera scanner is fully compatible with most of popular video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, etc. It's a great ideal tool for SOHO people who can easily present works side by side or use it for remote collaboration by connecting a conferencing software at home.


Founded in 2013, Beijing VIISAN Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research, development, and promotion of smart imaging and document digitization solutions. VIISAN provides different integrated solutions for all kinds of business, such as document/invoice/receipt digitizing, contract document inquiry and management, high-definition documents & images shooting and archiving and etc. We offer professional cloud service of SDK interfaces from which realizing the recording, storing, and synchronizing to the cloud management platform, thus greatly improving the office efficiency. VIISAN has a dedicated engineering team specializing in software development, solution integration, and hardware design. We realize the expectation from customers in regards to details, thus we offer smart terminal solutions on the basis of satisfying the design concept from customers by innovative technology and superior product quality. For more information, please visit www.viisan.com

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