4K 2-in-1 Document Camera
with AI Noise Cancellation Technology
AI Noise
Auto Rotate
LED light
Plug & Play
Impressive 4K Image Quality
Equipped with a 13 MP sensor and 4K@30FPS video capabilities, VS13A1 can capture every details by crispy images, no matter you are sharing textbook, teaching painting lessons or doing live demonstration.
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Noise-Free Communication Anytime, Anywhere
VS13AI is equipped with an AI noise cancellation technology which offers highly effective in maintaining the natural sound of the human voice while removing the background noise with high accuracy.

To improve communication and co-work accuracy, turn on the AI-noise reduction with a simple switch, you can create a professional noise-free workspace anytime, anywhere.
Turn on / off The Switch to Hear The Difference
AI Noise Cancellation
2-in-1 Camera Mode with Automatic Image Rotation
The automatic image rotation allows a seamless experience in image capturing from document camera mode to webcam mode, when uplifting the camera head, your face will always be in the correct direction.
Webcam Mode
Using the VS13AI as a webcam for online lectures and conference calls, it works with all popular video conferencing platforms.
Document Camera Mode
Using it as a document camera when you need to capture images or demo 3D objects in detail.
Dual Autofocus Modes (AF-C & AF-S)
The convenient dual autofocus modes (AF-C & AF-S) function allows you to use the camera in different situations. Switch the slider to change the focus mode to Auto Focus-Single (AF-S) for motionless image shooting or switch to Auto Focus-Continuous (AF-C) for motion face-showing and demonstrations. The VS13AI can be adapted for various uses.
Foldable Multi-Joint Arm
Meet All Your Application Needs
VS13AI is equipped with a flexible multi-jointed arm, it can be collapsed to the appropriate angle to bring more detials.
The foldable multi-joint arm gives you a wide range of applications allowing fold to the appropriate angle for capturing or demoing objects.
Large Shooting Area
The highly adjustable arm allows you to capture documents up to A3 size or present physical objects in close view by adjusting the camera arm.
Interactive Software
Download the powerful VisualCam software to enhance the demonstration. It provides various tools, such as split-screen comparison, picture-in-picture recording, stop motion, and an interactive whiteboard to achieve a more user experience.
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Remote Learning Ready
UVC and UAC compliant, it works with all popular video conferencing software, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.
Lightweight & Portable Design
The VS13AI can be folded into extremely-small sizes for putting into a bag. The 0.9Ibs lightweight allows you to carry it around easily.